[April 2024] Congratulations Albert, for your paper acceptance to L4DC 2024

[April 2024] New paper on Safety and Liveness Filtering Using Hamilton-Jacobi Reachability Analysis.

[April 2024] New paper on Providing Safety Assurances for Systems with Unknown Dynamics is out on arXiv.

[April 2024] New paper, SAFE-GIL: SAFEty Guided Imitation Learning, is out on arXiv.

[April 2024] New paper on Imposing Exact Safety Specifications in Neural Reachable Tubes is out on arXiv.

[December 2023] New paper on verification of neural reachable tubes via scenario optimization and conformal prediction is out on arXiv.

[September 2023] New paper on detecting and mitigating system-level anomalies of vision-based controllers is out on arXiv.

[September 2023] New paper on Hamilton-Jacobi reachability analysis for hybrid systems with controlled and forced transitions is out on arXiv.

[August 2023] Three undergraduate students have joined our lab through the CURVE program. Welcome Kyle, Saim, and Sascha!

[May 2023] Congratulations Professor Somil Bansal, for winning the NSF CAREER Award!

[April 2023] Two new PhD students have joined our lab. Welcome Albert and Zeyuan!

[February 2023] Congratulations Kaustav, for your paper acceptance to RA-L!

[January 2023] Three papers from SIA Lab have been accepted to ICRA 2023. Congratulations, Albert, Javier, and Ken!

[January 2023] Our lab is offering a new course on learning and control for safety-critical robotic systems.

[December 2022] Javier has passed his screening exam. Congratulations, Javier!

[November 2022] New paper on finding failure cases for vision-based controller using reachability analysis is out on arXiv.

[October 2022] New paper on maintaining and updating safety in human-robot interaction scenarios, despite incorrect human prediction models.

[September 2022] New paper on providing safety guarantees for DeepReach. The scalability of DeepReach along with the proposed verification algorithm allows us to compute high-confidence safe sets for high-dimensional systems.