Deployable Decision Making in Embodied Systems, workshop co-organizer, NeurIPS 2021.
This workshop aimed to bring together researchers from machine learning, computer vision, robotics, and control to facilitate interdisciplinary discussions on the topic of deployable decision making in embodied systems. Our workshop featured two discussion themes:
Theme A: Deployable Learning Algorithms for Embodied Systems
Theme B: Safe Learning and Decision Making in Uncertain and Unstructured Environments

Safe Real-World Robot Autonomy, workshop co-organizer, IROS 2021.
The workshop brought together expert panelists to discuss the following themes related to safe robot autonomy: (i) Safety Definitions and Requirements, (ii) Open Challenges and Opportunities for Integrating Theoretic and Data-driven Approaches, and (iii) Evaluation of Safety-Aware and Safety-Assured Algorithms.

Robust Autonomy: Safe Robot Learning and Control in Uncertain Real-World Environments, workshop co-organizer, RSS 2019, 2020.
The workshop brought together researchers from industry and academia to discuss the core challenges, promising solution strategies, fundamental limitations, and regulatory realities involved in deploying safety-critical systems in real-world environments.

Hamilton-Jacobi Reachability: A Brief Overview and Recent Advances, tutorial co-organizer, CDC 2017.
The tutorial covered the theoretical foundations as well as computational tools for Hamilton-Jacobi (HJ) reachability analysis. The tutorial facilitated the application of HJ reachability to a variety of research domains such as model validation, human-robot interaction, and bio-engineering; it also started a platform for collaboration between these different fields. [Tutorial Videos] [Tutorial Paper]
We also organized a similar workshop on reachability in UC Berkeley. Here are my slides on Introduction to Reachability from that workshop.

DREAM/CPAR Seminar, co-organizer, UC Berkeley, Fall 2017 - Sprig 2019.
This seminar series has been well established over the past few years, and is a joint effort between the Design of Robotics and Embedded systems, Analysis, and Modeling Seminar and the CITRIS People and Robots Initiative.