[Spring 2023] EE599 - Learning and Control for Safety-Critical Robotic Systems (USC)
The course covers the mathematical foundations of dynamical system safety analysis and modern algorithmic approaches for robotic decision making in safety-critical contexts. The focus is on safe robot learning, paying special attention to robot model uncertainty and ensuring robot safety under vision and perception-based sensors.

[Fall 2023, 2022, 2021] EE482 - Linear Control Systems (USC)
Introductory course on control theory, with an emphasis on modeling, analysis, and control of linear time-invariant systems. The course primarily focuses on the frequency domain techniques.

[Fall 2018, 2016] EE221A - Linear Systems Theory (UC Berkeley)
EE221A is a graduate level course on the fundamentals of modern state space theory of linear systems. As the TA, I held regular office hours, designed homeworks and exams, and designed and led weekly 2-hour discussion sections. I am fortunate to receive the UC Berkeley Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award for my teaching services. I also put together a quick tutorial on discrete-time LQR for the class which can be found here.