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April 2021

We have released the code for DeepReach. You can check it out here.

February 2021

DeepReach has been accepted for publication at ICRA 2021.

January 2021

New paper on visual Navigation Among Humans has been accepted to RA-L 2021.

New paper on safe multi-UAV trajectory planning has been accepted to TAC 2021.

October 2020

New paper on solving high-dimensional reachability problems using deep learning. So far we have tested the method on computing up to 10D backward reachable sets/tubes and reach-avoid sets/tubes and have seen very promising results.

New paper on designing a robust control framework for human motion prediction (accepted to RA-L 2020).

May 2020

I am honored to receive the Eli Jury Award from UC Berkeley, EECS for "outstanding achievement in the area of systems, communications, control, or signal processing."

Successfully defended my thesis at UC Berkeley! Thank you, Claire. Check out what I have been upto for the past 5 years [dissertation talk].

April 2020

Check out my talk on scaling Hamilton-Jacobi reachability analysis for robotics at IPAM.

March 2020

Excited to share our work on viusal navigation among humans. The work was done in collaboration with Google Brain research.

We are organizing the 2nd workshop on safe and robust autonomy at RSS 2020. Check out our call for papers (due on 5 June, 2020).

February 2020

Check out our work on safe navigation among humans. We will present this work at ICRA 2020.

New paper on generating robust supervision for learning-based visual navigation using Hamilton-Jacobi reachability. We will present this work at L4DC 2020.